Company profile

DIAMANT Könyvvizsgáló és Nemzetközi Adószakértő Korlátolt Felelősségű Társaság

Chamber of Auditors registry number 000089
Tax number 12011241-2-43
Year of foundation 1991
Liability insurance company Colonnade Insurance S.A., limit: 200 000 000 HUF
Senior auditor and tax expert Terézia Bárány
registered auditor and tax expert
Ownership structure domestic individuals,
registered capital: 20 million HUF
Special licenses
  • judiciary bookkeeping and tax expert
  • certified tax expert
  • international tax expert
  • turnover tax expert
  • audit services for budgetary institutions
  • audit services for financial institutions
  • audit services for pension funds
  • audit services for investment companies
  • audit services for mutual funds
  • audit services for listed companies
Services of the company
  • tax advisory, accounting and financial services:
    • tax and financial counselling
    • contribution evaluation
    • asset evaluation
    • preparation of balance sheet at company transformation
    • due diligence
    • project audit
    • preparation of consolidated accounts
    • management consulting
    • preparation of regulations
  • within the framework of our advisory service we offer advice in a written format, which, if necessary, is a result of prior consultation with experts and staff members of the Ministry of National Economy and National Tax and Customs Administration. We also undertake the acquisition of professional statements.
  • audit services for entities representing sectors like industry, commerce and the public sector.
  • annual and interim report certification
  • certification tasks related to company transformation, asset valuation, and contribution valuation
  • audit of consolidated accounts
  • training activities in the field of taxation and accounting
  • services offered in English and German on request