Diamant Könyvvizsgáló Kft. provides a full range of professional, accurate auditing services for entities representing sectors like industry, commerce, services, as well as the public sector. Our focus area is auditing of listed companies.


Our due diligence is conducted in accordance with audit standard 4400, bearing in mind that the primary purpose of the audit is to provide a basis for the economic decisions of those concerned.

Audit and reporting

It is very important that every business owner should be able to provide reliable and true data about the company’s financial and economic situation, and only disclose realistic information in the way prescribed by law, as auditing is one of the means of safeguarding public interest in financial reporting. Accordingly, our experts perform certification tasks related to property valuation and contribution valuation.

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Financial audit to help your company succeed

Although auditing of management data below 300 million HUF turnover is no longer mandatory since 2014 (which affects nearly one third of companies registered in Hungary), it is still worth auditing, regardless of the size of the company’s turnover.

Why is it worthwhile for your company to have an audit?

Because auditing not only helps to avoid tax risk, it also improves the efficiency and profitability of your business by providing a credible picture of the entrepreneur’s financial and economic situation, the operating surplus, which can serve as a reliable basis for any bank when granting loans. Also, auditing may contribute to the success of grant proposals or tenders.

Preparation of audit documents for grant proposals or tenders

We support the development of your company by certifying the financial accounting of projects funded by the European Union.

Personalized audit consultancy

In addition to regular and occasional audits, the Diamant Könyvvizsgáló Kft. offers its services in the fields of auditing local business tax for local governments, annual and interim reports, IFRS reports, consolidated accounts, currency changes, as well as validation of road haulage operators’ declarations, and preparation of the balance sheet to be drawn up when accounting in the new currency.

Please note that in certain individual cases the requirements of the Act on Accounting may be waived, but only with the consent of the auditor! With our help your business can be even more creditworthy, capital-intensive, and worthy of support if you explore the opportunities offered by law for your business, take advantage of the statutory discounts and tax retention options. Feel free to contact us for details.

Increase efficiency with transformation

Have you ever heard about the fact that you do not qualify for certain tax advantages because of the inadequate ownership structure of your company or group of companies? We help you transform your business to become eligible for the highest tax benefits available. Get your advice today.